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Virility Patch Rx


Virility Patch Rx

Purchase this product from our online shop and get 10% discount on every re-order. The cost of single patch is just $0.65 which is really cheap price when compared with its results. Your delivery will be discreet and shipping will be free.

Dosage x Quantity Price (Euro) Per pill Buy now
100mg x 10 patches
€64.50 6.45 EUR
100mg x 20 patches
€99.50 4.98 EUR
100mg x 30 patches
€139.00 4.63 EUR

Results: This product is an alternative method for oral pills. This is designed to match up with the results of best overall male enhancement pills. The results to expect are:

•Enhancement in sexual desire i.e. libido.
•Increase in erect penis size, even the flaccid size too.
•Improvement in sexual stamina to stay longer in bed.
•Higher sexual pleasure at climax.
•Improved virility with thicker semen and strong sperm.

One thing to note about results is that the observed results vary from person to person depending of person's biological chemistry composition. So, for some guys this product appears working instantly and for some it appears like it is taking some time.

Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola, Menthol and Damiana.

How it works?

The core functioning of this penis patch is similar to quality all-natural male enhancement pill and it shows its effect by increasing the secretion of testosterone level and producing nitric oxide around genitals which increases the blood flow in and out of penis resulting in a hard erection. The difference with penis patch is that it is placed in the skin near the genitals and the skin under the patch start absorbing the ingredients. This is as simple as applying a sticker on body and then forgeting about it. This is the product which actually works and has already made its stable position in the market.

Administration and Dosage: There is no direction as such as it is not an eatable product and is just applied to the body. For best results apply it around 1-2 hours before going in bed. Don't overdose it, as ultimately skin is absorbing the medicine in it. Take some good rest, eat healthy food, do some yoga and exercise, and drink plenty of water everyday.

Side Effects: No side effects recorded so far. It is herbal and it is safe for any men who are above 18 years of age. Normally men below 18 don't require such things at all.

Precautions: Just don't overdo it, and in case you are already taking some medication for blood or heart or liver related problem then do consult with you doctor.

Storage: Store it in cool places and keep it out of children's reach.

Prescription required: No. Anyone can use it without prescription.

Reviews/Testimonial: This is the product which has earned strong reputation in an already saturated market. The testimonial over web is explanatory itself; this product really works and it is scoring 4 out of 5.

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