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Styplon is used when the following symptoms are displayed:

•Bleeding hemorrhoids
•Bleeding Gums
•Irregular uterine bleeding or spotting.
•Hemoptysis – as an adjuvant.


Styplon Himalaya is helpful in the treatment of bleeding disorders.


Amalaki, Vasaka, Durva, , Lodhra, Chandana, Nagkesara, nantamul, Praval pishti, Sourashtri bhasma, Trinakantamani pishti and Lajjalu.

How it works?

Styplon is the unique Himalaya remedy where its main function is bleeding control of any kind of emergence and severity. The styptic and astringent properties of Styplon, combined with anti-inflammatory and demulcent actions, facilitate hemostasis and help in the effective management of bleeding.

Administration and Dosage:

Take 3 tablets in a day during 2-4 days and after 2 weeks take 2 pills in a day. You can take this capsule 1 hour before your breakfast, lunch and dinner with warm or hot water.

Side Effects:

Styplon is made from pure herbs, all its ingredients are natural so there is no chance of any side effects.


We list out some precautions which you have to remember before using Styplon pill:

•Do not use Styplon if you are allergic to any ingredient contained in Styplon Himalaya.
•Women who are pregnant and planning to become pregnant should not take Styplon.
•If you are taking any supplement, prescription or nonprescription medicine please check with your doctor.


Store Styplon away from heat, sunlight and moisture. Do not store up in the bathroom and Keep out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Prescription required:

You can buy Styplon Himalaya without prescription, its a 100% herbal medicine and no prescription is required.


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