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Speman - Sperm Count Improvement


Speman - Sperm Count Improvement

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100mg x 60 pills
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Results to Expect: Speman is meant for strengthening the fertility. The observed results includes:

•Increase in sperm count
•Increase in sperm mobility
•Stronger Sperm
•Thicker Semen
•Increases the level of vigor and vitality
•Increase the sexual desire.

There are few other results which are observed in many men like higher level of sexual satisfaction after release, intense orgasm, better erections and better working of sexual function as a whole.

Ingredients: Salabmisri, Vanya kahu, Kapikachchhu, Suvarnavang, Vriddadaru, Gokshura, Jeevanti, Shaileyam and Kokilaksha.

How it works?

Sperm production depends on health of testicles. And the health of testicles is heavily dependent of hormones like gonadotrophins and testosterone.

Speman increases the level of these hormones to the required level and keep the testicles function very well. It doesn't only take care of hormonal balance but also of the health of seminal vesicles and epididymis which are responsible for storage and sperm transportation. It also makes semen thicker which is a symbol of a healthy sperm. It also contain some of aphrodisiac herbs which enhances the libido.

Administration and Dosage: Take two tablets daily after your full meal. Drink 7-8 glass of water daily and don't let your mouth or throat dry.

Side Effects: There are no side effects reported yet. This product is quite safe for men of any age. Some guys may observe some allergic reaction in the beginning. Some under weight guys may face little headache or butt pain.

Precautions: Slight over dose is not a problem but don't overdo it. Taking extra tablets won't result faster, rather that can cause some ill-effects. Always consult your doctor upfront if you are taking medication of some hormone imbalance or some heart or lever related medication.

Storage: Always store these tablets in cool places and make sure they are not left open for several days.

Prescription required: No, not required. Anyone can use them without prescription. This product is not prescribed.

Reviews/Testimonial: People across the globe are using this product and rating it very well. Overall star rating is 4 out of 5. You can cross check it with review websites like Amazon. It is doing very well in the area of sperm quality development.

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