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What is Phenamax

With Phenamax you're actually burning and releasing the fat. This product is an overall weight loss herbal product, yet it is available at a very cheap prices at our online pharmacy store. You can buy it from our store at a valuable price. We are devoted to delivering your order as quickly as possible with 24/7 Customer support. We offer 10% discount on all re-orders with free shipping.

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Phenamax is a good weight loss supplement. The main active ingredients in this product are Green Tea Extract which is the most popular ingredients for weight loss supplement on the market. The most important purposes of this product are increasing metabolic rate, which in turn helps to burn fat more effectively. Some of the more common results that a person taking Phenamax pills may experience are:

•Increase energy levels.
•Carefully boost metabolism.
•Curb your appetite
•Burn More calories
•Quick weight loss
•Prevent the enlargement of cancer cells


Vitamin B6, Citrin (50% HCA - Hydroxy Citric Acid), Yerba Mate Bark, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Guarana Seed, Cha De Burge, Hordenine, Forslean® Coleus STD 10% Forskohlin, Acacia Gum and White Willow Bark.

How does it Work?

Phenamax is mostly a health life supplement than a medical remedy for treating obesity. The pills contain an effective quantity of natural elements and essences stimulating fat loss as well as fat burning. This will be an excellent health supplement to overcome anxiety when dieting. The entire effect could cause dehydration of the patient. The weight loss routine is usually a necessity to follow the improvement and further dieting program alteration. Some studies have revealed that it can boost up the rate of the metabolism.

Administration and Dosage: You can take 2 pills in the morning after the breakfast and 2 in the afternoon to essentially get results.

Side Effects: It should not cause any harmful side effects. Due to its natural ingredients the medication is safe for use.

Special Precautions: These pills are not recommended for children under 18 nor women during the period of lactation and pregnancy.

Storage: Store in cool place. Keep out of reach of children

Prescription: This is made from natural ingredients. It is safe and does not require any prescriptions to buy. You can buy from our store at cheap


Phenamax product is amongst the products that is taking advantage of the most recently overestimated weight loss ingredient that has taken over for other weight loss product. Thousand of satisfied customers recommend this weight loss herbal product. You will see them on the official website, YouTube, product review website, blogs, etc.

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