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Hair Loss Cream 50 ml


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Results to Expect: This product is basically designed to help the regrowth of hairs, it enhances hair follicular density, and Improves tensile strength. Expected results are:

•20% reduction in hair loss within 2 weeks in cases where hair loss happened because of stress, medication, skin diseases, allergies, chemicals, hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency or illness. Within 6 months reduction will be up-to 70%. •In cases of sudden bald patches, regrowth up-to 40% can be observed within first 3 months.
•The itching, dryness, scalp redness will be reduced up-to 75% within first 3 months.
•Tensile strength can be fully recovered in the first 3 months
•Hair follicle count can increase up-to 50% within 2 months and in 6 months complete normalization can be observed.

This product cannot take care the baldness due to genetic reasons.

Ingredients: Palasha and Palashabheda. The inactive ingredients are Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben.

How it works?

It stimulates the active phase of hair growth cycle and works to reverse the effect of harmful substances on the hair growth. It also triggers the multiplication of hair fiber cells and hence results in faster hair follicles development. It increases the density of hair by increasing the tensile strength.

Administration and Dosage: Application of cream on scalp should be just once in a day with fingers. In severe cases, twice a day routine could be followed in first few weeks.

Side Effects: NO side effects are observed so far. But it does smell not so pleasant. In severe cases, it may cause little itchy, but that is part of the treatment.

Precautions: Keep it out of children's range. Do not overdose, even if you skipped its application for few days.

Storage: It is always recommended to keep the cream in a cold place

Prescription required: NO. You can take them without prescription.

Reviews/Testimonial: Hair loss cream from Himalayas is quite popular not only in India but also across the world. You can find genuine customers reviews at websites like Amazon, ebay, flipcart, mouthshut etc. It is well rated for its effectiveness. For some people it brought results a bit late and for others it started working from first week itself.

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